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Differential Diagnosis For Angios/Thoracic/brachial vessels abnormal


List of current finding(s):

Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Takayasu's pulseless aortitis synd.
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Subclavian artery, right, anomalous or.
Usage, Degenerative, Necrosis, Age Related Disorders
Aorta, cystic medial degeneration
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Dissecting aortic aneurysm
Arteriosclerotic, Vascular, Venous Disorders
Brachial/axillary artery occlusion
Innominate artery occlusion
Abnormal, ANGIOGR, Angiogram, Angiograph, Angiographies, Angiography, Angiography (procedure), Arteries Brachial, Arteries Thoracic, Artery Brachial, Artery of thorax, Artery of thorax (body structure), Artery Thoracic, Brachial Arteries, Brachial artery, Brachial part of trunk of subclavian artery, Diagnostic angiogram, Diagnostic angiography, Structure of brachial artery, Structure of brachial artery (body structure), Thoracic arteries, Thoracic artery
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