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Differential Diagnosis For Angios/Renal vascular narrowing/unilateral, Bladder outlet/obstruction symptoms


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Urethral trauma
Bladder tear/trauma
Urinary tract injury
Bladder fibrosis after trauma, chronic
Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Schistosomiasis, bladder
Infected organ, Abscesses
Prostatitis, acute
Meatitis, ulcerative urethral
Pelvic abscess
Prostate abscess
Prostatitis, chronic
Neoplastic Disorders
Adenocarcinoma, prostate
Adenocarcinoma, bladder
Bladder papilloma
Bladder polyp
Carcinoma, bladder/transitional cell
Cul de sac/pelvis metastasis
Epidermoid bladder carcinoma
Pelvic tumor
Urethra, carcinoma
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Congenital bladder/ureter/urethral dis
Urethral valve, congenital
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Bladder neck obstruction/Bladder obstruction
Urethral obstruction
Urethral stricture
Procidentia, uterine
Uterine prolapse
Urethra foreign body
Urethra stricture, female
Bladder calculus
Prostate calculus
Prostate, cyst
Urethral calculus, female
Foreign body, bladder
Urethral Meatal Stricture/Stenosis
Arteriosclerotic, Vascular, Venous Disorders
Renal artery thrombosis/occlusion
Hypertension, renal/renovascular
Renal artery stenosis/ischemic disease
Renal artery fibromuscular hypertrophy
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Bladder, neurogenic atonic
Bladder, neurogenic reflex
Bladder, neurogenic uninhibited
Bladder synergy impairment
Neurogenic bladder/cord
Reference to Organ System
Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)
Bladder neck disorder/outlet area
Urethral caruncle
Heirarchical Major Groups
Prostate disorders
Urethral disorders
Anticholinergics (Belladonna/Atropine) toxidrome