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Possible Causes For Absence seizure - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Neoplastic Disorders
Temporal lobe tumor
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Epilepsy, myoclonic progressive fam'ial
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Absence Epilepsies Childhood, Absence Epilepsies Juvenile, Absence Epilepsy, Absence Epilepsy Childhood, Absence Epilepsy Juvenile, absence epileptic, absence of seizure, Absence seizure (disorder), ABSENCE SEIZURE DIS, Absence Seizure Disorder, Absence Seizure Disorders, Absence seizures, Absence typical, absences epileptic, Absences typical, Childhood (juv) absence epilep, Childhood Absence Epilepsies, Childhood absence epilepsy, Childhood absence epilepsy (disorder), Childhood juvenile absence epilepsy, CONVULSION PETIT MAL, Epilepsies Childhood Absence, Epilepsies Juvenile Absence, Epilepsy Absence, Epilepsy Childhood Absence, EPILEPSY IDIOPATHIC PETIT MAL, Epilepsy Juvenile Absence, Epilepsy Minor, EPILEPSY PETIT MAL, JAE, Juvenile Absence Epilepsies, Juvenile absence epilepsy, Juvenile absence epilepsy (disorder), Minor Epilepsies, Minor Epilepsy, petit mal, Petit Mal Convulsion, Petit Mal Epilepsies, Petit Mal Epilepsy, petit mal seizure, Petit mal typical, Petit mal unspecified without grand mal seizures, Petit-mal epilepsy, Petit-mal seizure, Petit-mal seizures, PRIMARY GENERALIZED EPILEPSY MINOR, Pykno Epilepsy, Pykno-Epilepsies, PYKNOEPILEPSY, Pykno-epilepsy, Pyknolepsies, Pyknolepsy, Seizure Absence, SEIZURE DIS ABSENCE, Seizure Disorder Absence, Seizure Disorders Absence, Seizures absence, Seizures Petit-Mal, Simple absence
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