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Differential Diagnosis For Abdominal Mass in Elderly


List of current finding(s):

Infected organ, Abscesses
Abscess, intraperitoneal, RL quadrant
Abscess, abdominal, visceral
Hepatic abscess, pyogenic
Toxic megacolon
Pancreas abscess
Pancreatic phlegmon
Neoplastic Disorders
Metastasis to peritoneum
Adenocarcinoma, cecum
Adenocarcinoma, colon
Carcinoid syndrome/Carcinoid metastatic
Metastatic liver disease
Adenocarcinoma, gastric
Adenocarcinoma, pancreatic
Carcinoid, metast. to liver
Carcinoma, renal cell
Gastric lymphoma
Intestinal/gut lymphoma
Liver tumors
Lymphoma, colon
Lymphoma, hepatosplenic
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Hirschsprung disease
Pancreas cyst, congenital
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Bladder neck obstruction/Bladder obstruction
Diverticulosis, colon
Impacted feces
Abdominal mass/tumor
Leaking pancreatic pseudocyst
Liver hematoma/hemorrhage
Liver, subcapsular hematoma
Pancreatic pseudocyst
Arteriosclerotic, Vascular, Venous Disorders
Aneurysm, abdominal aorta
Aortic aneurysm/leaking/symptomatic
Ruptured aortic aneurysm
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Urinary bladder retention
Megacolon, acquired organic
Megacolon, acquired, functional
Urine retention syndrome
Reference to Organ System
Splenomegaly, congestive, chronic
ABDOMEN MASS, abdomen upset mass, Abdominal lump, Abdominal mass, Abdominal mass (disorder), Abdominal mass (finding), Abdominal swelling, Advanced age, age, aged, Aged 65 and Over, aged person, elderly, ELDERLY () 65), Elderly (Over 65), Elderly adult, Elderly person, Elderly person (person), Geriatric state, intra-abdominal lump, intra-abdominal mass, lump intra-abdominal, mass abdominal, Mass in abdomen, mass intra-abdominal, Old age, Old age period, Old-age, Old-age (finding), Old-age (function), Old-age function (observable entity), older adult, Senescence, senior citizen, Senium, upset abdomen (mass)

This is a term that used to describe any abdominal firm swelling which is usually intra-abdominal in origin. Possibly also or from the anterior abdominal wall.


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