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Thoughts about Differential Diagnosis

Unlike with human medical practitioners, DiagnosisPro is totally impartial to arrive at a Differential Diagnosis. There are no preconceptions, no hunches, no tendencies to arrive at a diagnosis based on prior experience with other patients in the past, and no limitations to consider a diagnosis that may be unusual for one's practice or the region where you currently work even if you have relocated to another continent. In other words, the program has no bias at all so that it is open to all of the possibilities based on the findings that you enter.

Possibilities - Not Probabilities

DiagnosisPro shows possibilities - not probabilities. Probabilities of a diagnosis are increased with the preciseness of the findings that you enter. Once you arrive at the possibilities, you are provided with research tools (for example, DiagnosisPro's Disease Review for each diagnosis and outside Web resources) to hone down your patient's diagnosis to a probability or even a certainty.

The authors of this software encourage you to enter principle findings that are unique to your patient. If you only enter findings like "tired" (which is the case for many medical problems), then the resulting Differential Diagnosis might not be as precise as you need it to be.

A Diagnosis Reminder Tool helping you to think outside the box

No human being in the medical field is smart enough to remember it all and keep up with all of the current trends.This software often helps you to think "outside the box" when arriving at a diagnosis because it has no bias or pre-determined concepts about arriving at a Differential Diagnosis. Also, its database is based on the most current information available to the medical community.

One of the authors of this software believes that 85% to 90% of diagnoses are pretty simple. DiagnosisPro helps them to diagnose the tough and challenging cases.

A few years ago, an original author of this software (Dr. Hugo Pribor) said "If you don't think of the diagnosis, then you can't make the diagnosis." DiagnosisPro provides you with all of the possibilities available based on the findings that you enter and the most current medical information available in its database.