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Generate a Differential Diagnosis list

To generate a differential diagnosis list

  • Enter a few letters of a disease finding such as a sign, symptom, lab value, radiology or EKG result, or a demographic finding and click search. You may also browse the list of findings.
  • Select the finding from the search results list.
  • You will be presented with a list of possible diagnosis for that finding.
  • To narrow down the results you may add more findings by clicking "Add Finding to Narrow Results" in the Navigation menu bar on the right hand side of your screen. Each time you add a finding the result will be revised. You may add up to nine findings.

Search Tips

  • Try building your search one term at a time, and be as specific as you can! Search term example: "chronic cough".
  • Start by adding the most specific finding of your case and narrow it down if you get too many results. For example if you have a case of Fever and Numbness of one hand, start by entering "Numbness of one hand" to get the most relevant results.
  • Do not enter multiple findings such as "anemia, chronic cough, weight loss, vomiting" all at the same time.
  • After selecting your term from the search results a list of possible diagnoses will be generated. If the list is too long, you will be able to narrow it down by entering additional terms.
  • Do not enter values such as "heart rhythm 110" or "sodium 125", instead use "tachycardia" or "hyponatremia".


Registered users may Print, E-mail and Save their results for future review.


If you notice that any finding is missing, or if you believe that a finding or term is incorrectly associated with a disease or condition in Differential Diagnosis, we urge you to submit it to us by clicking on the appropriate link on the Contribution menu on the right hand side of your screen. Your suggestion will be reviewed by our medical advisory board and if approved, will be added to the database. If we implement your input, you may help physicians around the world to arrive at a successful diagnosis in a timely manner so that they can prescribe the proper treatment to alleviate a patient's suffering. Your input may save a life.

External Links

If there is only one finding used to generate the differential diagnosis, DiagnosisPro provides outside links to prestigious medical websites for additional resources. At this time we offer links to the following external site: Google, Wikipedia, PubMed, National Guidelines Clearinghouse and eMedicine.