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Disease Information

To generate a disease information list you can:

Select a disease or condition to review from the Differential Diagnosis list. Or click on the Disease Information tab from the main menu and enter three or more letters of the disease or condition in the Search box to generate a list of results and to select one for review. Every Disease Information page is broken down into categories in an outline format so that you do not get overloaded with text. The purpose of DiagnosisPro Disease Review is to give you all of the related findings for a particular disease or condition in an easy-to-view format. This helps you to reach the proper diagnosis of your patient as quickly as possible.

You can manually scroll up and down the page or you can click a shortcut link to "jump" to a Category. The major Disease Review categories and buttons are:

  • Synonyms: Alternate names or terms.
  • General: Activity,Behavior, Exposure, Family History, Occupation, Past History, Population group,Residence/Travel: Recent travel history
  • Clinical: Signs, symptoms, course variation, and other findings related to the patient's clinical presentation.
  • Laboratory:Abnormally high or low lab values that point to a condition (e.g., blood,urine, sweat, bone marrow, or cholesterol level).
  • Diagnostics: Test methods and procedures that confirm or rule-out a disease or condition (e.g.,angiography, ultrasound, or MRI).
  • Disease:Complications, associations, and rule-outs.
  • Subject: Pathophysiology of the disease including causes, origin or type as well as affected organs or tissues.
  • Treatment:Typical treatments or procedures for this condition. This category may provide indications or contraindications for drugs or medications.

External Links

For any disease or condition that's listed as a possibility in a Differential Diagnosis list, DiagnosisPro provides outside links to prestigious medical websites for additional resources. At his time we offer links to the following external site: Google, Wikipedia, PubMed,National Guidelines Clearinghouse and eMedicine.


DiagnosisPro should never be used as a primary source for the best and most current treatment. The purpose of DiagnosisPro is to provide the best tool available to arrive at a Differential Diagnosis - not to address and cover all current treatment options for a particular disease or condition.

Even though DiagnosisPro has about 3,200 drugs in its database, it is by no means exhaustive. By the way, drugs are listed with their brand names as well as their classifications. The program tries to cover complications and toxicity, but it does not cover side effects. It also does not attempt to address drug interactions. Sometimes,the best treatment includes no drugs at all, or drugs should often be considered as the last resort.