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Sharing Your Knowledge

Our goal is to create a worldwide community of medical doctors, exchanging their knowledge and sharing their experience while using the best, fastest and most accurate diagnosis reminder tool available. This makes DiagnosisPro a particularly fun and interesting place.

Edit and Improve the DiagnosisPro Knowledge Base

Join the DiagnosisPro team by applying to edit a category or a group of disease that corresponds to your area of expertise and interests. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Editors review for accuracy the group of diseases that they are responsible for. They are responsible for reviewing user’s suggestions to their categories, and approve or reject them according to prescribed editorial guidelines and the latest high standard, peer reviewed medical literature. Proper credit will be given on the site for all specific data submitted or edited by you.

Anytime, Anywhere

There is no time requirement. We appreciate any time you can commit to improving and developing DiagnosisPro. In order to keep the community thriving, editor accounts will expire after sixty days of inactivity. This allows another editor the chance to take over an area where an inactive editor may have left off.

Application Process

Your application will be evaluated by our senior editors. We receive hundreds of applications, and review each one individually, so don't worry if it takes several days until you get a response. Please note that because of the importance of the accuracy of medical information provided, we select only the most experienced and best trained medical doctors or pharmacists graduated from prestigious medical schools with verifiable credentials.