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What is DiagnosisPro?


DiagnosisPro is a free, accurate and time saving differential diagnosis tool that reminds you instantly of diagnostic possibilities and minimizes medical errors.

By simply entering one or more findings or conditions, DiagnosisPro instantly generates a hierarchical list of diagnoses from its database of over 11,000 diseases, 30,000 findings, and 300,000 relationships. To explore a medical diagnosis further, you can utilize the valuable Disease Review and Disease Comparison features of DiagnosisPro.

The Best Tool for a Busy Physician

DiagnosisPro is not intended to make the final diagnosis for a medical practitioner; nothing can replace a physician's expertise and experience. However, a medical doctor is expected to not only know the answers to every medical situation learned way back in medical school, but also to be aware of the most recent developments and advancements.

DiagnosisPro is simply a powerful reference tool that was designed to quickly remind busy medical practitioners of all of the possibilities and conditions which they might have forgotten or overlooked -- especially in complicated or rare cases that fall outside of their specialties.

Trusted Sources

You can rely on DiagnosisPro because its data is updated regularly. Its database has been compiled by reputable physicians over the past 30 years from more than 90 prestigious medical resources, including Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Stein Internal Medicine, Cecil Textbook of Medicine, Oxford Textbook of Medicine, The Merck Manual, The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, and many more.

The Ultimate Differential Diagnosis Tool

DiagnosisPro is designed to make your practice safer, enhance the quality of care, reduce misdiagnosis and billing errors, and save time -- especially in diagnosing complicated cases. It is the ultimate differential diagnosis tool for a busy physician.