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"Diagnosis Pro is one of the best references I have ever used in 25 years of Family Practice. Keep up the good work!"

Anthony G Lendino, MD, Cheshire, CT

"Excellent product and very useful."

Larry O. Sy, MD, Rockford, IL

"...for physicians working to be on the cutting edge, it is indispensible."

Ravi S. Akula, MD, Gaithersburg, MD

"...should be included in the library of every medical office, hospital and medical school."

Medical Software Review

"DiagnosisPro is an excellent way to provide a differential diagnosis - especially in complex cases."

Kelli M. Ward, MD, Lake Havasu City, AZ

"DiagnosisPro is very fast and most helpful on differential diagnosis, as well as difficult and rare conditions."

Alberto L. Acevedo, MD, Bakersfield, CA

"A quick reference source for a busy physician. DiagnosisPro permits fast access to disease reviews."

Joseph W. Daniels, MD, San Bernandino, CA

"DiagnosisPro is of enormous help to me especially because I am a general practitioner faced with a large number of complicated cases that require quick and accurate decisions that I easily found with the touch of a button. Management of patients has been greatly improved and enhanced."

Dr. Mohamed Raafat, The country of Malawi

"DiagnosisPro advances the learning curve of neophyte physicians or medical students; however, even an experienced physician contemplating a difficult case can meaningfully use this program. The user realizes that the program can be used to expand the scope of differential diagnosis for any patient.... I recommend DiagnosisPro."

Dr. Arnold N. Singer, Reviewer for Kaiser Permanente

"A very useful program for physicians of all disciplines. The differential diagnosis is very comprehensive and inclusive. Keep up the good work."

Farid F. Muakkassa, MD, Akron, OH

"I have used DiagnosisPro evenings in my home office to research unusual patient complaints, which have presented during my day clinic. I have found useful information that has been applicable in determining a definitive diagnosis. A great resource for primary care providers."

Mrs. Lisa O. Bartley, FNP, Greenvillen Jet, MD

"I've wanted something like this in the 23 years since I was a resident. I find it to be a very helpful and time-saving device that helps me to remember all I've forgotten and to learn that which I never imagined. I use it nearly daily."

Dr. David L. Bixler, Director of Critical Care, Anderson, IN

"The program is extremely easy to install and use. Installation took no more than three minutes. The developers' claim that it takes seven minutes to learn and 15 minutes to teach to the medical staff is not an exaggeration."

Dr. Bing Ko, Medical Software Reviews

"It's just so quick. I can find things I might have overlooked otherwise."

Dr. Roger Jackson, Nashville, TN