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About Us

MedTech USA - the proud developer and distributor of DiagnosisPro -- is one of the world's leading electronic publishers and distributors of medical software and reference tools on CD-ROM and other digital formats for desktop computers, handheld devices, and on the Internet.

Physicians and other health care professionals have a critical need to stay abreast of the latest medical information and developments -- and they face a chronic shortage of time in which to do it. MedTech USA was founded to help medical professionals to take advantage of new technologies that facilitate education and research, and MedTech dedicated itself to be a single, reliable source for these technologies. Physicians on our staff help us to develop, select, and evaluate the products that we offer.

Thousands of physicians and mental health professionals -- as well as professors and students worldwide -- turn to MedTech's hundreds of useful and vital products every day. To explore MedTech's products, please Visit our Online Store.

From electronic versions of Merck, Harrison's, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the CME Tracker to medical dictionaries, spellcheckers, and DiagnosisPro - our ultimate interactive differential diagnosis decision support software with a database of more than 11,000 diseases, 30,000 findings, and 300,000 relationships -- MedTech helps medical professionals to gain better, more convenient, and immediate access to the vital information that they need every day.