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About the Authors

Dr. Charles R. Meader, MD

Dr. Meader graduated magna cum laude from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1962 and became a board certified internist in 1975. He has been practicing internal medicine in the greater Boston area for most of his career and has been constantly in the "front line primary care trenches." Internationally, Dr. Meader has been acknowledged as a leading contributor to clinical computing and diagnostics and was featured in the premier issue of MD/Computing. He was a major developer of the LABSEARCH and LABSEARCH286 software. He co-developed the REMIND4 diagnostic program (the basis of DiagnosisPro) with Dr. Hugo Pribor (a clinical pathologist in Nashville) and contributed to the early database in 1994 and 1995. He also contributed to the 1996/1997 update which expanded the informational wealth by 20%.

Using a textbook level approach, eclectic gleanings from many primary care "throw away" journals, primary care manuals, and clinical experience to keep perspective and order, he is constantly adding to and reworking the information base that is utilized by the DiagnosisPro system.

Dr. Hugo C. Pribor, MD, PhD, FCAP

Dr. Pribor is a Clinical Pathologist with a particular interest in diagnostic endocrinology and preventive medicine. At St. Louis University, he received his PhD in neuroanatomy and pathology in 1954 and his MD in 1955. He is a co-owner of Associated Pathologists, PLC -- a group of pathologists serving hospitals and laboratories throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and adjoining states. He is also a Clinical Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN, and is the Medical Director of Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (formerly Smith Kline Beecham Clinical Laboratories, Inc.) in Nashville. He is a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists.

Dr. Pribor was a pioneer in the use of computers in diagnostic medicine. In 1963, he co-designed the first minicomputer-based hospital laboratory information system. He also developed one of the first expert systems in medicine which was used for the interpretation of protein electrophoresis patterns and the interpretation of cardiac isoenzymes. Subsequently, Dr. Pribor developed more laboratory data processing software and laboratory communication software.

Dr. Simon Kerendian, MD

Dr. Kerendian is MedTech USA's co-founder and Vice President of Technology. Dr. Kerendian graduated with an MD degree from the University of Brussels Medical School in Belgium. He also received a certificate in Bio-Technology and DNA Engineering. Upon receiving his medical degree, he worked as a Research Associate at SmithKline Beecham with the Hepatitis-C vaccine development project. Dr. Kerendian co-founded MedTech USA in 1994 and is in charge of product evaluation and development. Dr. Kerendian designed the new interface of DiagnosisPro for the Windows, Handheld, and Online Versions. He is also the coordinator between the editors of DiagnosisPro and the programmers.