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Differential Diagnosis For Ultrasound/Liver multiple solid tumors Differential Diagnosis For Blood smear/platelets clumped (Lab) Differential Diagnosis For CT Scan/Liver mass/necrosis/abscess: Neoplastic Disorders Differential Diagnosis For EKG/Prolonged PR Interval (ECG) Differential Diagnosis For Xray/Mediastinal mass/Chest: Neoplastic Disorders (ECG) Differential Diagnosis For ANA, peripheral/serum (Lab) - Increased Differential Diagnosis For Annular lesions rash Differential Diagnosis For Dilated pupil unilateral Differential Diagnosis For PATH/Amyloid plaques CNS

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Recently Generated Differential Diagnosis
Dry mouth/Mucous membranes
Subcutaneous hard bony nodules
Spurling/Foraminal Compression Positive Sign
Acholic Stools
Osteoradionecrosis Jaw - Causes
Synonym/Halban's disease (Corpus Luteum)
Fever and High Sed Rate, RBC/Red Blood Count (Lab) - Decreased, C-reactive protein (Lab) - Increased, SGOT(AST)/SGPT(ALT) Less than 1.0 (Lab), Family history/Colon polyp
Hemobilia - Causes, Xray/Right Diaphragm Elevated/Chest
Presentation/Primary vertebral tumors Child
Recently Viewed Diseases
Cerebral vascular accident
Anemia, congenital aplastic
Herpes gestationis
Carcinoid, metast. to liver
Polycythemia vera
Guaiac/Guaiagum herbal/intake
Gram negative septicemia/endotoxemia
Air embolism/venous
Recently Compared Diseases
Necrotizing angiitis, cutaneous Versus Netherton's Syndrome
Adrenalectomy, bilateral Versus Radon gas exposure
Abortion, habitual Versus Esophageal web
Lens absence Versus Pica/geophagia/clay/soil ingestion
Spider bite, Brown Recluse Versus Thymoma
Lipoma Versus Sternum, fracture
Candidiasis, cutaneous Versus Drug induced Lupus (SLE)-
Radium poisoning Versus Rhabdomyolysis
Recently Viewed Drugs
Sensipar® (cinacalcet) Tablets (Amgen, Inc)
Sterile FDUR (Mayne Pharma (USA) Inc.)
Tofranil-PM™ imipramine pamoate capsules (75 mg, 100 mg, 125 mg and 150 mg) For oral administration Rx only (Mallinckrodt, Inc.)
Lactated Ringer’s Injection, USP (Hospira, Inc.)
Femring®(estradiol acetate vaginal ring) (Warner Chilcott (US), LLC)
STERILE WATER for Injection, USP (Hospira, Inc.)
Allergenic Extract (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.)
LETAIRIS (ambrisentan) tablets for oral use (Gilead Sciences, Inc.)
Nizatidine Capsules USP 150 mg and 300 mg (Sandoz, Inc.)
Zyflo (Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc.)

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