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Differential Diagnosis For Ultrasound/Liver multiple solid tumors Differential Diagnosis For Blood smear/platelets clumped (Lab) Differential Diagnosis For CT Scan/Liver mass/necrosis/abscess: Neoplastic Disorders Differential Diagnosis For EKG/Prolonged PR Interval (ECG) Differential Diagnosis For Xray/Mediastinal mass/Chest: Neoplastic Disorders (ECG) Differential Diagnosis For ANA, peripheral/serum (Lab) - Increased Differential Diagnosis For Annular lesions rash Differential Diagnosis For Dilated pupil unilateral Differential Diagnosis For PATH/Amyloid plaques CNS

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Recently Generated Differential Diagnosis
Marasmus Inanition Cachexia Infant - Causes
Femoral artery pseudoaneurysm - Causes
Dyspnea on exertion, Night sweats, Chest pain exacerbated on deep breathing, Fremitus Localized Decrease, Pleural Friction Rub., Dullness to percussion lung base, Breath Sounds Decreased, Weight Loss, Residence/travel/Africa
Systolic murmur
Rash on palms and soles
Aldosterone, serum (Lab) - Increased
Rib fracture/pathologic - Causes
Protein-S Level (Lab) - Increased
Tonsillar hypertrophy
Recently Viewed Diseases
Infectious mononucleosis
Arthritis, gonococcal
Topiramate (Topamax) Administration/Toxicity
Cecum disorders
Placenta abruptio
Blindness, color, total
Basal ganglion lesion/disorder
Sinus venosis infection/cerebral
Dysplasia, asphyxiating thoracic
Recently Compared Diseases
Syndactyly Versus Thyroid radiation
Erythrasma Versus Osteoradionecrosis Jaw
Wrist ligament/derangement syndrome Versus 18p chromosome deletion complex
Brain, ependymoma Versus Subungual melanoma
Pineal gland tumor Versus Thallium poisoning
Abscess, subphrenic Versus Hemochromatosis
Esophagitis Versus Tracheitis, acute
Alopecia mucinosa Versus Scabies
Recently Viewed Drugs
Carbidopa and Levodopa (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited)
CefTRIaxONE for injection and Dextrose Injection (B. Braun Medical Inc.)
LOPROX® GEL(ciclopirox) 0.77% (MEDICIS, The Dermatology Company)
FLUOXETINE TABLETS USP, 10 mg7188Rx only (Teva Pharmaceuticals USA)
CefTRIaxONE for injection and Dextrose Injection (B. Braun Medical Inc.)
ZIANA (Medicis, The Dermatology Company)
Loratadine Oral Solution (Silarx Pharmaceuticals, Inc)
Citanest® Plain Dental (prilocaine HCl Injection, USP)4% InjectionCitanest® Forte Dental (prilocaine and epinephrine Injection, USP)4% Injection with epinephrine 1:200,000 (Dentsply Pharmaceutical Inc.)

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